SATLAS-TCA, a total laboratory automation solutions combined with high throughput, flexibility and scalability, has been grandly launched by Snibe and Thermo Fisher Scientific. SATLAS-TCA connected with the world’s fastest CLIA analyzer MAGLUMI X8 possesses the high-throughput sample pre- treatment capability and large storage volume post-analytical module, which makes it a nice automated solution for global laboratories.


Including Modules are:
– ES Flex Module:
Various Sample Tubes and Racks available
Flexible assignment of Sample Entry and Exit Racks

– Centrifuge Modul:
Fully automated loading, balancing and unloading
Definable Centrifugation Parameters
Expandable centrifuge modules to shorten TAT

– Decapper Flex Modul:
Avoid medical exposure
Smart identification of sample tube
Capable to remove different types of caps

– Aliquoter and Labelling Module:
Automatic labeling
Disposable tips to avoid cross-contamination
Smart sorting and conveying

– Analyzer Bypass Module:
U-Turn buffer area, maximize space utilization
Direct sampling on the track
One pipette for multiple tests to reduce TAT

– Recapper Module:
Different caps for different sample tubes
Continuous caps loading at any time

– Cold Storage System:
Fully automatic refrigerated sample storage
Sample automatically retrieved for retesting

– Different shaped dual line Conveyors:
Dual lane conveyor for more efficient delivery
Various types of conveyors to adapt to different laboratories
RFID-technology to ensure accurate sample conveyance

– Multiple combinations to meet different needs:

– Intelligent Laboratory Middleware
TCA Controller

– Connection to Automated Analyzers:
Maglumi X8, fully automatic CLIA analyzer with a throughput of 600 tests/hour
Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers
Third-Party Analyzers


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