A small introduction

About Diasystem

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a swedish distribution and producing company in the fields of clinical Chemistry, Hematology and Immunology. Our Distribution in the Nordic of Products from well-known leading Manufacturers include clinical analyzer,reagents,controls, IT and Instrument Service. Beside this do we offer complete automated systems for hospital laboratories and health care centers within Scandinavia. Our experienced people have worked with development since many Years and always tried to be in front of this by cooperation’s with leading global manufacturers.

Product distribution

Our Production for global distribution includes CE marked IVD-Reagents, Calibrators and Controls for Routine Chemistry, specific Proteins, Drugs of Abuse and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Lets take a trip down the

Memory Lane

When Founder Werner first started working in a laboratory, the world was a very different place. A few years prior in England, record company Decca turned down a boyband named The Beatles. USA sent a man into orbit around Earth, and Sweden won the 29th edition of the Ice Hockey World Championships.

The world of laboratory analyzing was also very different. Pregnancy-tests were performed by injecting frogs with sera. Detecting proteins in urine exposed technicians to nitric acid, and blood sugar measurement required cooking the sample.

Luckily, a lot has changed since then. Decades of development gave us automated instruments, standardized procedures and accurate measurements. Nevertheless, the principles that paved the path and the chemistry that made it possible stayed the same.
Safer, faster, cheaper.
But still, the same.

Clinical chemistry, our passion

DiaSystem Scandinavia is founded on the love of those principals. A family business with a big heart for clinical chemistry and in-vitro diagnostics. We gathered our favorite analyzers and assays, paired them with the service we longed for in general laboratories, and ended up with a result Werner could have only dream of when he started his journey.

A company that makes sure family comes first.

Distributors are good, but friends are better. We want our business partners to feel like family, and family always comes first. Delivering diagnostic solutions is a huge responsibility. Your trust in us is nothing we take lightly, and we work every day to keep that trust throughout our global network.

Experience isn’t just pride in getting things right; it’s learning from getting things wrong.

With over 30 years in the market, an ISO 13485 certificate and a catalogue full of CE-marked reagents, it would be easy to brag about our experience. But experience is humbling. It’s swallowing your pride and asking for help. It’s realizing that sometimes, your customers know more than you do, and listening to what they have to say. Experience comes from hard work, and forces us to do better tomorrow, what we thought we did well today.

Behind every sample, there’s a patient.

And we won’t let them down.

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