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Fika. Smørrebrød. Rusbrus. Some things are reserved for the Nordic market.

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Behind every sample, there’s a patient. And we won’t let them down.

Welcome to Diasystem Scandinavia AB

IVD-diagnostics from the heart of Sweden

Sweden is a small country in the northern part of Scandinavia. It’s a bit tricky to get here, but luckily, we have a long history of exporting great things. Such as IKEA-furniture, Volvo-cars, ABBA-music; And diagnostics.

This is Werner, the founder of Diasystem

Werner is a simple man.
He takes pride in two things; His family, and his business.
Luckily, he runs a family business, so the two go hand-in-hand.
Take a trip down Memory Lane, and read more about his journey.

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DiaSystem invites YOU to MEDICA and EUROMEDLAB 2021

Dear valued partner, Diasystem Scandinavia AB hereby invites…

Region Midt, Denmark orders 10 X SNIBE Biossays E6 instruments from DiaSystem

World first automated Ca2+ analyzer with cap-piercer for anaerobic…

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Latest News


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