A perfect benchtop analyzer for any lab looking to expand their immunochemistry game. With the markets widest panel, Maglumi 800 lets you reach for the sky without having to pay astronomical figures.


Overall Features Maglumi-series:

  • Non-enzyme involved flash chemiluminescence, long stability of reagents
  • ABEI label, stable in acid and alkaline solution
  • Random, Batch and STAT-operation
  • Ready-to-use integrated kit, no pretreatment required
  • Integrated kit including calibrators
  • RFID tag with built-in master curve
  • 2-point calibration to adjust master curve
  • Calibration stability: Max 4 weeks
  • Clot detection
  • Liquid level detection for reagent
  • Optional ratio for sample dilution
  • Auto dilution for high concentration sample


  • Throughput: up to 180 tests/hour
  • 24 hours ready to use
  • Time to first result: 17 minutes
  • Dimensions and Weight 102x72x56cm, 73Kg

Sample Loading

  • Up to 40 sample tubes
  • Continuous loading, STAT available
  • Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply

Reagent Loading

  • 9 reagents on board
  • Continuous loading
  • RFID reading all info of reagents
  • Refrigerated reagent area


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