A compact and easy-to-use system for measuring proteins in blood, serum, plasma and urine. With a one-step application, and a measuring time of 3 – 8 minutes, this analyzer is perfectly placed no matter the setting. An all-in-one cartridge delivers maintenance-free, quantitative measurement for a wide array of assays. Excellent correlation with Beckman and Biorad ensures that cutting down on price does not mean holding back on quality!


– Measuring Time: 3 to 8 minutes
– Sample Volume: 3 μL to 300 μL
– Pack Size: 20 T / Kit
– Memory Storage: Up to 100,000 test results
– Display: Color touch screen
– Printer: Built-in thermal printer
– Net Weight: 7.1 kg
– Size: 404 x 161 x 397 (mm)



Cat No. Description Pack Size
DI56020 DIA-PRO FR-CRP Kit CRP by blood sample 20
DI25020 DIA-PRO UsCRP Kit Ultra sensetive CRP 20
DI22020 DIA-PRO CRP Kit CRP by serum sample 20
DI52020 DIA-PRO SAA Kit Serum Amyloid A 20
Cat No. Description Pack Size
DI21020 DIA-PRO ASO Kit Anti-Streptolysin O 20
DI23020 DIA-PRO RF Kit Rheumatoid Factor 20
Cat No. Description Pack Size
DI65020 DIA-PRO D-dimer Kit D-dimer 20
Cat No. Description Pack Size
DI01020 DIA-PRO IgA Kit Immunoglobin A 20
DI04020 DIA-PRO IgG Kit Immunoglobin G 20
DI09020 DIA-PRO IgM Kit Immunoglobin M 20
DI33020 DIA-PRO C3 Kit Complement 3 20
DI34020 DIA-PRO C4 Kit Complement 4 20
Cat No. Description Pack Size
DI61020 DIA-PRO mALB Kit Urine Microalbumin 20
DI62020 DIA-PRO BMG Kit β2 Microalbumin 20
DI66020 DIA-PRO Cys C Kit Cystatin C 20
DI67020 DIA-PRO Urine IgG Kit Immunoglobin G by urine Sample 20
DI68020 DIA-PRO Urine TRF Kit Transferrin by urine sample 20
DI63020 DIA-PRO A1M Kit a1 Microglobulin 20
Cat No. Description Pack Size
DI72020 DIA-PRO HbA1c Kit Haemoglobin A1c 20
Cat No. Description Pack Size
CPZK105 CRP Control for CRP & FR-CRP 0.5mL
CPZK205 CRP Control for UsCRP 0.5mL
SABM052 SAA Control Serum Amyloid A 0.5mL
DM021 ASO Control Anti-Streptolysin O 0.5mL
DM023 RF Control Rheumatoid Factor 0.5mL
MADM061 mALB Control Urine Microalbumin 0.5mL
DM062 BMG Control β2 Microalbumin 0.5mL
DM063 A1M Control a1 Microglobulin 0.5mL
DDDM065 D-Dimer Control D-dimer 0.5mL
DM066 Cys C Control Cystatin C 0.5mL
DM067 Urine IgG Control Urine IgG 1.0mL
DM068 Urine TRF Control Urine Transferrin 1.0mL
HBDM072 HbA1c Control Haemoglobin A1c 0.5mL
HBDM072H HbA1c Control High Haemoglobin A1c High Level 0.5mL
SPDM205 Multiple Control* IgA,IgG,IgM,C3,C4 0.5mL
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