With Robert leaving to take on Diasystem Vet, the team needed reinforcement. Someone to handle production, deal with orders, and make sure the warehouse is fully stocked.
Luckily, we didn’t have to search too far…

Martin is 24 years old, wears shoe-size 43, and loves fika. When asked if he was nervous about his new job, he smiles: “I’m calmer than you’d expect… But then one of the partners taught me how to ride a bike, so I’m guessing she’s got a soft spot for me!”

He’s part of the company’s extended family, so there’s already history between them: “Robert used to peel potatoes at my dad’s restaurant when he was younger, so I guess what goes around comes around!”. One of Martins strengths is that he’s a perfectionist: “I find it satisfying when things come together. Making sure all parts of a shipment arrive on the right day, getting it ready and sending it out to the right place, at the right time”.

Strength: Can eat two boxes of gingersnaps in one day!
Weakness: Can eat two boxes of gingersnaps in one day…

A foodie that loves traveling to explore new cuisine. A golf handicap of 9 and a kill ratio of 8 in CoD. He comes from a logistic background and is used to dealing with supply and demand; Perfect match for the job at hand. We welcome Martin and look forward to seeing him in the office!